7 Things Successful People Do Every Day Upside Down

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7-THINGS-SUCCESSFUL-PEOPLE-DO-EVERY-DAY-UPSIDE-DOWNSuccessful people have figured out the game of life and the intricate details that allow them to push forward and achieve more than that average person. Often times it is their contrarian thinking and going against the grain that helps them get that mental or physical edge.

To us regular people, many of the things successful people do every day seem impossible. To them it’s just business as usual. Here are 7 things successful people do every day upside down.

1. Eat cereal


Every day starts early and with a balanced breakfast. In order to stimulate the mind and get them thinking sharp right out of the gate, successful people will stand on their head or hang over their couch eating their bowl of cereal upside down. Studies at The Breakfast Institute have shown that eating a bowl of cereal with skim milk upside down not only gives your body the fuel it needs but releases endorphins equivalent to doing 500 pushups.

2. Run on the treadmill

The average person uses a treadmill to run on their feet and break a sweat. Successful people see a treadmill as a creativity booster and opportunity to keep up with foreign relations. Walking on your hands, even at a slow pace, feeds the left side of your brain and allows you to be more creative for 2 hours immediately after. 84% of successful people have said that after walking on their hands on a treadmill they were able to learn a foreign language in half the time it would take an average person.

3. Make love

A healthy sex life is key to releasing tension and stress. Missionary sex can get boring and repetitive so that’s why successful people opt to make whoopie upside down. The few extra seconds of planning and making sure it’s in are comparable to figuring out which Jenga piece to pull out. Puzzles are good for the mind and can have enormous benefits when it comes to critical decision making.

4. Drive cars

Americans will spend 33% of their lives in a car, so it’s no wonder that successful people find a way to turn that into a positive. Driving upside down gives an adrenaline rush similar to skydiving and also uses less gas than driving like the other 99%.

And many successful people will challenge the status quo of which way is the right side up for a car. Performance on the track leads to performance in the office.

5. Go to the bathroom

Since most people go to the bathroom three times a day, successful people know they can’t waste their waste not improving themselves. Going to the bathroom upside down helps work on aim, execution, and ability to bounce back from failure. Five of the top six investment banking firms are training their C-level executives to go to the bathroom upside down, and Google is reportedly testing out the first upside down toilet with their employees.

6. Putting clothes on

Successful people know that you need to dress for success. They also know that they can get an edge on their competition by putting their clothes on upside down. When done correctly no one else knows that you did it. But what’s important is that you know, and being able to walk around with the confidence of knowing that others didn’t put their clothes on upside down is a powerful mental edge.

7. Sleep


Getting a good 8 hours of sleep every night is crucial to feeling fresh and alert. Studies from the American Bed Clinic have shown that sleeping upside down with your feet elevated allows 41% more blood flow to your brain over a typical 8 hour sleep cycle. That extra blood flow allows your brain to process tasks from earlier in the day that otherwise would not have been thought of until the morning. This results in a 25% increase in productivity and cognitive thinking.

By applying some or all of these 7 things successful people do every day upside down you’ll become a much more successful and better person.

We want to hear from you. Are you a successful person that does something upside down to get an edge on the competition? Send us a pic or tweet to @BaconSports on Twitter.

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