7 Things To Do Until Bacon, Sports & Beer Celebration 2.0

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things-to-do-this-summer-bacon-sports-beerThe last two months of sports this spring have been hotter than Montel Jordan’s “This is How we do it.” The Stanley Cup playoffs and NBA playoffs again had us bowing down like Wayne and Garth yelling “we’re not worthy” on repeat. As great as they were, you now must figure out what in the world do you do until Bacon, Sports & Beer Celebration 2.0? I am going to hit you with suggestions to make your time before football begins Summer more interesting and get you to stop watching the Price is Right every day, not that there is anything wrong with that.

Watch the World Cup at a bar
It is widely known that soccer fans are rowdier than Oakland Raiders fans on steroids. So do yourself a favor and get to your local pub that houses a pack of hooligans rooting for all different countries. Copious amounts of alcohol, yelling, chanting, fighting, and elation are just a few of the things you see. If seeing reactions from establishments across the country celebrating USA goals and victories doesn’t make you want to, then you my friend need to rethink your priorities. OLE! OLE! OLE! OLE!

Bet on World Cup Soccer
The World’s game happens only once every four years, so you will get an added rush like Diego Maradona on a cocaine binge. Soccer is slowly gaining steam in the U.S, so what better time to get into the action by throwing some extra loot on the fun. Even if you do not like soccer, it is more than acceptable to tie one on for soccer Sunday Funday and slide across the floor in celebration not because you are a Dutch fan, but Arjen Robben’s late goal hit the over and just netted you some coin.

Visit a minor league ballpark
Sure the baseball is pure and guys are playing hard because they are fighting for their collective lives. Two reasons you go. First is to catch a glimpse of major leaguers in rehab assignments and laugh at them as they go 1-4 and do not even run out ground balls. Second and most importantly is to get your freaking grub on. The minor league parks house food concoctions that are even more incredible than Rashard Lewis netting $150 million + in his career! Give the Fifth Third Burger at a West Michigan White Caps game a try – it only is a 4 lb. burger with 5 patties, chili, nachos, salsa, cheese, and at least one clogged artery.

Play Spikeball
This game personifies summer and is the new hip recreational game. Play it in your yard, at the park, at the beach, really wherever you have space. This game is a miniature cross of volleyball, teamwork, perspiration, and rec game precision. No doubt this summer you will run into this game that is almost as fun as kicking it with Rob Gronkowski. So take it in, watch, and join in the fun! Tip – beer makes a fantastic compliment to Spikeball. But make sure you stretch or you will wake up wondering why you are hurting in places you did not know existed.

Watch USA vs Canada Men’s softball
Nothing beats this chump filled beer league superstar home run fest. Softball guy is on display to the T here. Despite reaching their team’s home run limit in the third inning, these dudes are still crushing home runs that are counting as outs because they have one swing and one swing only. No question if their high school coach didn’t tinker with their swing or gave them more playing time they are in the MLB. And I have a real good investment opportunity for you.

Party with Johnny Manziel
Seriously though, if you can, do it. And take pictures/videos. JFF Like a BOSS

Wear your jersey!
Summer is the best time to be a hoopster and rock your best jersey for the masses to see. Basketball may be over for the season but whether you are at the pool, playing Spikeball or Cornhole, at a summer festival, or actually at a ball game, for the love of hoopsters pull that jersey on and wear it with pride! The more random the better, and as the Bacon Sports movement grows, the expectations become higher than Josh Gordon’s friend, allegedly.

Once you’ve taken part in as many of these activities as possible you cap it off with the Super Bowl of the summer. The Hat Trick of Awesomeness.

Attend Bacon, Sports, & Beer Celebration 2.0:
Find your way to Chicago August 23rd to attend the sequel to the awesomeness that was, you surely can’t afford to miss this one. Tons of great bacon inspired creations, craft breweries samples more prevalent than Ron Mexico STD’s, sports galore, and a DJ rocking dope beats from the 90’s/00’s. You know what, check this out and figure it out yourself. Tell me where you can find more awesomeness under one roof, you can’t. Can’t wait for you to join us on this summer afternoon to get on down and celebrate like Mark Madsen. Can you dig it!!!


Tom Hamm

Tom Hamm

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