7 Ways to Incorporate Sports Gear into Your Daily Life

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Today I witnessed something miraculous: A grown man was biking down the street, wearing a baseball helmet for safety purposes. It was beautiful. Upon seeing this, I got to thinking, if a grown-ass man can bike down the street in a White Sox helmet (not full of nachos, unfortunately), then how else can we incorporate sports paraphernalia into our daily lives? Hmm, here are 7 ways to add some flair to your life in the form of sports equipment:

1. Wearing neck pads to support your neck in yoga class.

Whether we like it or not, yoga is mainstream now. As many can attest, sometimes yoga puts us in compromising positions while we’re in public. Happy baby pose, anyone? Sometimes you need a lil’ neck support when you’re yoga-ing. For this, I propose yogis start wearing football neck rolls, Eric Dickerson-style. Neck rolls and spandex, a match made in heaven!

2. Using your baseball glove as an oven mitt.

I mean, it just makes sense. Instead of putting on a paisley patterned, awkward piece of cloth, you get to rock your favorite piece of leather in the kitchen. Your homemade chocolate chip cookies never tasted so good! Also, every time the glove is exposed to heat, it breaks in just a bit more, so you can field those grounders as cleanly as Andrelton Simmons at Turner Field. Everyone wins!

3. For the dudes: Wearing receiver gloves in the delivery room when your wife is giving birth.

Self-explanatory. No need to go into detail on that one. Let’s just say you’ll be the Larry Fitzgerald of the delivery room.

4. Using golf tees as thumb tacks on your office cork board. Suddenly those lame pics of your family and significant other that you have on display in the office got way cooler. Not only are you making use of the tees you don’t get to use all winter, now you have an unlimited number of tees at your disposal whenever you need them. You’ll never run out again! I mean, is that picture of you and your college besties at the bar really work appropriate anyway?

5. Swatting bushes and weeds out of the way with your tennis racket while hiking.

Who needs a machete when you have a Wilson?! Andre Agassi would be so proud to see you working on your backhand whilst trekking through the rainforest. If you really want to get serious about it, you can even swat at low-hanging fruits found overhead while simultaneously refining your Andy Roddick serve. Boom!

6. Protecting your hair by wearing your swim cap when it rains.

This one is for ladies or well-coiffed men. Have you ever had one of those days where you’ve just straightened your hair and it looks amazing, then you walk outside into the muggy, half-rainy summer day, and all of a sudden you look like Chaka Kahn circa 1983? Yeah, I have too. And you know what, if only I carried a swim cap around in my purse for a rainy day, I wouldn’t have this issue. Swim caps are small. They could totally fit in your Marc Jacobs bag or your manly murse. Think about it.

7. Wearing your favorite baseball team’s batting helmet while riding your rented bike.

If your city is anything like Chicago, then you probably have access to an intricate bike share system that allows you to rent bikes all across the city. If you’re anything like the man I saw today, you’re cool enough to rock a batting helmet while riding the bike that hundreds of other butts have graced.

I propose we raise the stakes on this one, though. I challenge you to purchase a proper MLB batting helmet, with one ear covering instead of two. It shows the world you care about safety in addition to the fact that baseball is very serious business to you. Ride on, good sir. Ride on!

Those are just 7 little ways you could incorporate sports gear into your daily life and not even be embarrassed about it. I didn’t even get into the more obscure pieces of equipment, like wrestling ear guards or shooting sleeves. The possibilities are endless.

How would you integrate sports paraphernalia into your everyday life? Holla at us on Twitter @BaconSports or in the comments section with your ideas.

Rebecca Ramos

Rebecca Ramos

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