I Love The 90s Sports Trivia

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90s-sports-triviaThis week we’re taking sports trivia back to the 90s. It’s hard to believe that it has been 15 years since the decade that brought us Seinfeld, Tupac, Biggie, Nirvana, Big Johnson T-shirts, NBA Jam, and some amazing sports moments. Rack your brain to see how well your 90’s sports knowledge stacks up.

1. This 15-time All-Star outfielder had the highest batting average of any player that played during the decade of the 90’s. Who is he?

2. Of the new NHL franchises added in the 1990’s, two have won Stanley Cups. Who are these two franchises?

3. During the decade of the 90’s, only 1 QB threw for over 40 TD’s in one season. Who is this Super Bowl winner?

4. Of the players who won the NBA MVP during the 1990’s, this player had the lowest PPG average. Who is he?

5. The first OT NCAA basketball title game happened during the 1990’s. What team ended up winning that title in OT?

6. Twice during the decade 90’s, the NCAA had split national football titles. Who were the four teams involved in those championship splits?

7. Jerry Rice compiled the most receiving yards of any wide out during the 1990’s. Who was #2?

8. During the 90’s, who was the only AL/NL MVP to win the award as a catcher?

9. Of all of the NBAs #1 overall draft picks during the 90’s, these two guys were the only players who never appeared in an All-Star game. Who are they?

10. It wouldn’t be 90’s trivia without a little Saved by the Bell. So with that, what was the name that Zack used when he answered calls on his Teen Hotline?


No 90’s sports trivia would be complete without some MJ…of course the Mailman never delivers on Sundays


And who could forget this 90’s jam (How did this ever happen?)…



1. Tony Gwynn .344
2. Anaheim Ducks & Tampa Bay Lightning
3. Kurt Warner 41 TDs in 1999
4. Karl Malone 23.8 PPG in ‘98-‘99
5. Arizona over Kentucky in 1997
6. 1991 Miami (FL) & Washington and 1997 Nebraska & Michigan
7. Michael Irvin 10,872 yards
8. Ivan Rodriguez 1999
9. Joe Smith (1995) & Michael Olowokandi (1998)
10. Nitro

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