A random jersey hat trick. The Ocho Cinco.

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Behold, a sighting of a random jersey hat trick. What is a random jersey hat trick? It’s a jersey that is customized, expired (the player is no longer on that team), and it appears in a location that is out of place (this was captured at Yankees Stadium). This Cincinnati Bengals Chad Ocho Cinco jersey is exactly that. Bonus points to this guy for rocking a red white and blue bandana. Ain’t nothing wrong with giving the U-S of A some dap.

Since this jersey is very random I figured that I’d give you a very random Chad Ocho Cinco video. Here’s one of him kicking an extra point versus the Patriots.

Shout out to Jennifer Eakins via Amanda Rykoff for this find.


Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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