When keeping it real goes bad: Aaron Hernandez Style

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aaron-hernandez-arrestedNo need to explain the situation. We all know Aaron Hernandez is probably in some pretty deep shit. His home has been searched, he destroyed evidence and keeping it real has obviously gone real bad. But what does it really mean for Hernandez and what’s America think?

Girlfriend Issues

Shayanna Jenkins is the lovely lady standing by Hernandez, but for how long? Will she continue to stand by Hernandez if he is sentenced to prison? Good luck keeping her when the checks from the Patriots cease to come in. Plus, Aaron isn’t going to be going to be going to a nice place. Let Michael Mike Bolton tell you about it.

On the plus side for Hernandez, there is a segment of the female population that is more bat shit crazy than most and actually dig guys who are in jail. I’d have to imagine that he’d be the top dog and would have his choice of the pickins’. So he’s got that going for him…which is nice.

What was really in the Bags?

No shocker the police took 10-15 bags of what appeared to be evidence from Aaron Hernandez’s home. Essentially they can only take what was listed in the warrant, or what they were looking for. We all know better. Principal Belding knew better. You know those cops snatched that AFC championship ring and decided it was a must have for the precinct. BCS national champions awards were next, followed by dance videos of Gronk partying at the Hernandez home.


Why would Aaron Hernandez freak out and go all criminal? Its obvious really. Didn’t we all learn anything from Latrell Sprewell? $15 million a year isn’t even enough to feed the family of a professional athlete. The contract Hernandez recently signed was only for $37.5 million. That ain’t nuthin’.

Let’s see what America thinks about this situation by checking to see what Twitter is saying about Aaron Hernandez