Aaron Rodgers: The Taylor Swift of Sports

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Taylor Swift is a paradox. On one hand, everyone wants to hate her for being an overexposed, seemingly self-obsessed berserk princess. On the other hand, we can’t help but love her infectious music and admit she is oozing with talent. Thinking about Tay-Tay got me wondering, “Who’s the Taylor Swift of sports?” After posing the question to multiple friends and family members, one man rose above the rest. That man is Aaron Rodgers. Pause for utter shock to set in. I realize that A.A. Ron seems like an unlikely candidate for my T. Swift of sports, but once I break it down, I think you’ll find it makes oodles of sense.

First of all, T. Swift is basically the princess of pop right now. If the NFL handed out nicknames, I’m pretty sure Aaron Rodgers would be the Golden Boy of Green Bay. I mean, people in Wisconsin like Aaron almost as much as they like cheese. Yes, this is a fact. I think he even ranks higher than beer in Sconnie.

Let’s talk about talent. As much as we all want to rip Swiftie to shreds in any way possible, it’s difficult to deny that home girl can write one mean pop song. Similarly, there are few sights prettier in the NFL than watching Aaron Rodgers connect with a receiver on a perfectly timed deep ball. Well, unless it happens against your team. Living in Chicago, Aaron Rodgers is like a Marvel super villain, but even Bears fans can’t help but respect the dude. In fact, a Bears fan and two Lions fans all listed him as their dude you want to hate but can’t help but love. When your division rivals respect you, you’re doing OK.

As for pop culture presence, nobody dances like a fool in public quite like Ms. Swift. Yes, Taylor seems to be everywhere, and we can’t escape her even if we want to. Much like Taylor, Aaron Rodgers has been on a bit of a public sighting rampage lately. He’s basically the new Ashley Judd of March Madness, getting rejected for high fives and rooting for a school that he didn’t go to.


As for their love lives, Aaron hasn’t had nearly as many high-profile affairs as Taylor, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t living under the microscope. Ever since he started dating Olivia Munn, the only time we see him without his arm candy attached to his hip is when he’s literally in uniform. He thanked her when he accepted his MVP award, as if she had anything to do with his talent as a QB. Next thing you know, he’s going to record a country album just because he can, and dedicate it to Olivia. Yawn.

Oh, and let’s discuss his self-loving videos about how he helps kids in need. Nothing against a charitable athlete. I love charitable athletes, but this dude loves telling us how much he helps da kidz. I don’t even need to mention his State Farm ads. We’ve had enough of those.

Is it starting to make sense why Aaron Rodgers is the Taylor Swift of sports? They’re both super easy to make fun of, totally overexposed, and yet incredibly talented and likeable. Both are on the top of their respective industries and show no signs of slowing down. God, they’re the worst!

Before I go, I’d be remiss if I didn’t give honorable mention to Gronk, who also came up in my friend polls. In the words of my friend, “he seems like a bro doucheface, but then you watch his 30 for 30 special and realize he is legitimately mentally challenged.” You can’t help but root for a guy who’s overcome so much. I’d add that his fun-loving persona – in other words, his bro-ness – is so ridiculous, you can’t help but believe it’s sincere. Anyone who lets his freak flag fly is cool in my book. Can’t hate on Gronk. I love the guy.

I want to hear from you, who do you think is the Taylor Swift of the sports world. Hit us up on Twitter @BaconSports

Rebecca Ramos

Rebecca Ramos

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