What is Bacon Sports?
We are a sports comedy site that wants to break the mold out of what you expect from a sports website. We pride ourselves on generating unique sports comedy content that combines pop culture, nostalgia, and a love of jerseys. We love interacting with fans and making you part of the content. If you are looking for fresh and funny sports content with an attention to detail and a throwback twist then you’ve come to the right place.

What’s up with the name?
We combined two of the greatest things on earth: bacon and sports. Most people who love sports also love bacon. We really love both of them…a lot.

When can I expect posts?
We try and to get you at least one or two article, jersey, or video posts per weekday (M-F). On the weekends we are as consistent as Tony Romo in crunch time. Sometimes we’ll have a lot, other times not so much.

What’s up with the random jersey? 
We are the number one destination for all your Hoopster and jersey enthusiast needs. We grew up in the 80’s/90’s and loved the MJ/Dominique era of the NBA. Rocking a random jerseys flexes your sports knowledge muscles. There’s nothing cool about rocking a Lebron James jersey (if you aren’t a Cavs fan) but there’s definitely something awesome about rocking a Rony Seikaly jersey.

If you see someone rocking a random jersey on the street, at a bar, or at a game then definitely send it to us. If it’s good enough we’ll post it and give you credit for it.

Rob Cressy, Founder

I am an alum of the Second City Improv training program in Chicago (and currently reside there), have a Steelers tattoo, I love gambling on football, I’ve watched arm wrestling, darts, and trick pool on ESPN, I’ve been in a college fantasy football league for 8 years (all teams, not just BCS), and I love when Doc Emrick announces a game.  I buy Phil Steele’s College Football preview every year on the day it comes out, I am a proponent of the DH, NBA Jams is my favorite video game ever, and I think when God created me he took out the directions and important dates part of my brain and added in a few extra doses of sports knowledge.

Favorite Sports Video: George Brett being very candid about a trip to Vegas:

First Autograph: Andy Van Slyke (on my baseball glove)
Favorite TV Show: ESPN’s Two Minute Drill
My Jersey Hall of Fame:

jersey hall of fame
Favorite Random College Basketball player: (tie) Shawn Respert/Terry Dehere
Have I been to a Lingerie Football League Game: Indeed I have, we sat in the second row and even somehow managed to take the wristband that the QB was using that had all of the plays on it (she dropped it in front of us at halftime).
I created random baseball/basketball/football/hockey card wallpaper for my office: 

baseball card wallpaper

Random Sports Sighting: While walking on the street on my way to Lollapalooza a few years ago ex-76ers/Blazers coach Mo Cheeks rode past me on a bike.
What’s the oldest shirt you own: This 1996 Chicago Bulls NBA Championship tshirt

Best live game I’ve ever been to: I was a Freshman in college at Miami (OH). Wally World was on Fire!
To contact Rob hit him up at: