Absurdly random and bad jerseys captured at the Pirates vs Cubs game

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Opening day baseball in Pittsburgh is a trip that even Doc Ellis would be proud of. There’s a countless number of Pirates fans rocking expired, random, or bad jerseys that would shock even the most Trans-Am driving, stone washed jean wearing of yinzers. Unlike throwing a no-hitter while on LSD, this trip isn’t as pretty. It’s a constant reminder of the futility that has been the Pittsburgh Pirates over the last 20 years. Yinzer nation comes so strong that this post deserves an NC-17 rating. Sports fans under the age of 17 shouldn’t be allowed to see some of the jerseys that we are about to post. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Who’s excited for the Pirates home opener and the sweet t-shirt they got when opening a new Pittsburgh Pirates Rewards Mastercard? This guy.


This is a walk-off jersey and a nominee for jersey of the year. It’s the one Pirates jersey that never goes out of style.

Shout out to @SuckMeter for this find.


The Lastings Milledge era in Pittsburgh was as memorable as the non-naked scenes in Wild Things.


This is a custom made Pittsburgh Pirates pennant jacket made by the guys wife. This is the first time that he’s worn it and he hopes that it will bring another pennant. I give it an A+ for craftsmanship, A+ for effort, A+ for originality, D+ for chances of the Pirates winning a pennant.


That 2006 NL batting title by Freddy Sanchez was something this Pirates fan will never let go of.


Here’s a little “Did You Know” about Kent Tekulve. Did you know that he holds the record for most intentional walks issued (179 – 7 more than Greg Maddux) and most career losses without giving up any earned runs (12). On those stats alone his jersey is worthy of being rocked.


Chuck Tanner was the Pirates manager the last time they won a World Series (1979). Little know fact about Chuck Tanner. He hit a home run in his first major league at bat while with the Milwaukee Braves.


They must have been sold out of Lastings Milledge, Nate McLouth, and Zach Duke jerseys.


This might be the worst Pirates jersey ever seen none the less the worst jersey of any sport ever. Keith Osik never played more than 66 games in a season for the Pirates, he was a career .231 hitter, and he hit only 11 home runs in 7 seasons while there. It makes more sense to trade for Vernon Wells, Carson Palmer, and Rick DiPietro’s contracts at the same time than it does to buy this Keith Osik Pirates jersey.


If you know who’s jersey this is and you aren’t related to the guy then you have a problem. This is a Euclides Rojas jersey. Who is Euclides Rojas? He’s the Pirates bullpen coach. The story goes that Euclides Rojas actually gave this jersey to the guy (@theangryfan). That’s a cool gift, like getting something from Brookstone at the mall.


Respect. Best crow hop from center field ever.


Amazingly the Pirates still aren’t paying Bobby Bonilla.


After that All-Star appearance in 2010 how could you not go out and buy Evan Meek’s jersey?


Mark Prior Kerry Wood Ted Lilly. His last year in a Cubs uniform Lilly went 3-8. Glad to see that his jersey is still in circulation.


Carlos Zambrano is no longer in baseball and he just took a huge loss on a home. Wear this jersey with pride Cubs fan!

If you are going to a game throw us a bone and take pictures of any random or bad jerseys that you see. You can tweets us @BaconSports or email them to If the pics are good enough we’ll post them and give you some dap. 




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