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sports-trivia-bird-dr-j-fightBetween Game 7’s in the NHL, the NBA playoffs, Major League Baseball, and even college lacrosse, I could not decide on a subject for sports trivia. So, what better time to have a random sports trivia? This week we will delve into the four major sports and even some college, as well.

1. What player holds the record for being the highest scorer in the most number of NBA playoff series in his career?

2. This NHL All-Star was the last player to score 60 goals in a season. Who is he?

3. What BCS football team secured the best record of the decade 2000-2009?

4. In 2000, this Kansas City Royal drove in the most runs in MLB history while hitting under 30 HRs in a season. Who is he?

5. What NBA Hall of Fame center and multiple championship winner, holds the title as the leagues’ all-time leading shot blocker?

6. Currently, what NHL team has the longest playoff drought?

7. Who was the last NFL AP Offensive Player of the Year who was not either a QB or RB?

8. Currently, what pitcher has the richest total value contract in MLB history?

9. Since the advent of the BCS in 1998, what school has appeared in the most BCS bowl games?

10. In 2009, what NFL team was the last to have two players go over the 1,000 yard rushing mark in the same season?

11. Since 1960, what NCAA D-1 basketball program has been ranked the preseason #1 the most times?

12. At the start of the 2014 season, these two active pitchers had the most career wins in the majors. Who are they?

I’ll give you the answers after this. The NBA has some great action, but some of the most comical fights. Most of the time, it just involves some flailing arms until their teammates hold them back. However, these two instances got a little out of control.

In case you never saw this, the Dr. J doles out a little medicine to Larry Bird, which still is a sore subject with each of them to this day.

And then there is this classic between Jo Jo English and Derek Harper back in 1994…


1. Michael Jordan was the highest scorer in 36 different playoff series.

2. Steve Stamkos in the 2011-2012

3. Boise St. Broncos with a record of 112-17

4. Mike Sweeney 144 RBI with 29 HRs.

5. Hakeem Olajuwon with 3,830 blocks

6. Edmonton Oilers 8 seasons

7. Jerry Rice in 1993

8. Clayton Kershaw at $215 million

9. The Ohio St. Buckeyes with 10 bowls

10. Carolina Panthers – Jonathan Stewart & DeAngelo Williams

11. UCLA 8 times

12. Tim Hudson & C.C. Sabathia with 205 wins apiece


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