All NFL Quarterback Edition of Bacon Sports Trivia

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For this week’s sports trivia we turn to the most important man on the field, the quarterback. In this era of the NFL, you are not going to consistently compete if you don’t have one. Is it any wonder why the Browns and the Raiders have sucked for so long? Try and test your knowledge on the quarterback position with an all NFL Quarterback Edition of Bacon Sports Trivia.

1. What QB threw for the most yards during his career, but never won a Super Bowl title?

2. Even worse, what QB has thrown for the most yards having never won a playoff game? (Hint: He is active, but won’t win a playoff game this year, either.)

3. What scrambling QB has rushed for the most yards in one season?

4. What active QB has thrown the most TD passes as a member of one team?

5. What NFL team has gone the longest without sending a QB to the Pro Bowl?

6. What two QBs share the record for most TD passes in their rookie season?

7. Since 1980, of all of the QBs drafted #1 overall in that year’s draft class, which one threw for the most career yards?

8. Since 2000, the Jacksonville Jaguars have won 1 playoff game. What former East Carolina QB led them to that victory?

9. What NFL franchise has gone the longest without drafting a QB in the first round?

10. This QB threw for the most career passing yards without ever appearing in a playoff game. Who is he? (Hint: The team he played for during his entire career is the answer to question #9.)

If you have never seen these before, they are pretty awesome IMO. Old players you have probably forgotten about and a slightly less annoying Chris Berman doing what he does best…NFL Primetime!




1. Dan Marino – 61,361 yards
2. Carson Palmer – 35,365
3. Michael Vick – 1,039 in 2006
4. Tom Brady – 391 TDs
5. Detroit Lions – 1972
6. Peyton Manning & Russell Wilson with 26 TDs
7. Peyton Manning (1998) threw for 69,418 yards (and counting)
8. David Garrard
9. New Orleans Saints 1971
10. Archie Manning


How’d you do? Want to talk about any of the players or teams in this sports trivia? Hit us up on Twitter @BaconSports.




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