An Open Letter To John Elway: From a Bronco Fan

By March 20, 2012June 18th, 2018No Comments

Dear John Elway,

Thank you, thank you, a thousand times, thank you. You found a way out of the Tim Tebow era and no one will ever question it. Well, maybe a few religious zealots in Denver will but honestly, who gives two shits about those yahoos? I don’t and now I know that you don’t either. Peyton Manning is arguably one of the top five QB’s ever and you got him to come to Denver to replace Tim Tebow, arguably one of the worst five stating QB’s in the league right now. Thank you, once again.

I should tell you that you are pretty much the only reason that I still like the Broncos. I had three players that I loved above all else as a kid: Michael Jordan, Ryne Sandberg and you. All of you stayed in the business of your respective sports and all with varying degrees of success. And with all due respect Mr. Elway, you have shot to the top of the list with the Peyton Manning move. I thought you were the front-runner for Manning since he visited Denver 10 days ago. Notice that I said you, and not the Denver Broncos. That’s because this move is as much about what you represent as it is the Broncos.

Manning wouldn’t come to the Broncos if you were not running the show. He knows that with you at the helm, you are going to do everything in your power to help him win another Super Bowl and to give yourself one as a front office executive. Not since Jerry West has a Hall of Fame player made so many shrewd moves as an executive. Getting rid of Josh McDag… eeerr I mean McDaniels, bringing in John Fox and drafting Von Miller number 2 over all. These moves helped put the Broncos in position to win last year in spite of Tebow. We all saw the look on your face when Tebow was in the game last year. It basically said “How the fuck is this bum winning these games?” and as you clapped your face almost seemed to say, “Shit, the fans will never forgive me if I get rid of this sorry excuse for a QB now.” You seemed resigned to the fact that you may have to suck next year when Tebow lost his magic rabbit foot and fell back to earth. But then…Peyton Manning gets released and you jump right in. Just like you did on that helicopter spin in the Super Bowl.

Once again, thank you John. For any Bronco fan who isn’t behind this move, they are fools. The type of fools that think God gives a shit about football. You, Mr. John Elway, have proven that you care about who puts you in position to win football games and you will do whatever it takes to get those types of players.


Victor Marinier.

-Victor is a special contributor to Bacon Sports and will not be a happy camper when Peyton Manning’s neck stops working like it’s a DVD player from Radio Shack