Patriots fan rocking a Andy Katzenmoyer jersey

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Andy Katzenmoyer Patriots Jersey

Andy Katzenmoyer Patriots Jersey

This NFL season has started off strong as we saw a Garrett Wolfe jersey and are now dropping an Andy Katzenmoyer jersey on your ass. What I love about this jersey is that it looks like it was made by Umbro as it has the visible stripes. On top of that the sleeves are oversized and just for good measure the Patriots logo is adorned on each one. You don’t have to be Tim Gunn to know that this doesn’t work.

Andy Katzenmoyer was a beast in college and was cut out of the same cloth as Brian Bosworth. Unfortunately a neck injury derailed his NFL career and he lasted only two seasons. I’m not a fan of slamming a player that doesn’t live up to expectations because of an injury (see also Greg Oden). I love elite talent and sometimes the tolls of the game happen to someone and it just doesn’t work out. Katzenmoyer is one of those players. Instead I’ll remember the bone crushing hits that he laid on players in college…like this one.

Katzenmoyer now runs a performance training studio in Westerville, OH called Katzenmoyer Performance. No doubt that if you go there you are going to get cut up.

Great find by my boy and Buckeye fan Jeff Schulman on this one.

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