Are you cool if your girlfriend takes a page from Ronda Rousey and can beat you up?

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zack-morris-wrestlingOn the Dan Patrick show today their poll question was “would you be OK dating a girl that could beat you up”? They interviewed UFC Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey, who is a total badass and could destroy all of us. After thinking long and hard about the question I finally came up with the answer that I would be OK with it. Why? Because if it was OK with Zack Morris then it’s OK with me.

In the “Hold me tight” episode some girl named Kristy goes all Manon Rheaume and tries out for the men’s wrestling team. Her and Slater start spending time together “showing each other moves”. Naturally the loose cannon and caffeine addict that is Jessie Spano gets jealous, blows this way out of proportion, and starts adding drama to Slater’s life. Since Zack never wants Slater to get better trim than he does he swoops right in and starts dating Kristy (classic Zack move). While kicking it at the Max a wrestler from Valley comes in and starts talking smack and pretty much calling Zack a bitch. Kristy steps in, puts the dude in some sort of Million Dollar Dream type sleeper hold and saves the day. Here’s the video showing how it all went down.

As you saw Zack wasn’t totally cool with it at first but later on in the episode he did a 180 and was down. In the end his love of getting some strange won out and Zack decided that it was OK to date a chick that can beat you up as long as she’s letting you get to second base and dry hump. So there you have it. As long as you get some dry hump action (preferably not in jeans) then it’s totally cool to date a girl that can beat you up.


Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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