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I’m gonna bring back an article that I used to do called “Athletes Tweet the Darndest Things.” The concept is simple, check out what’s being posted on athletes twitter feeds, post the stuff that stands out.

If your son can’t find his E.T. Finger Light then check in with Mom and see if she knows where it is.

Metta World Peace dunking on dudes in the Chinese basketball league. Do you think he needed someone to help him figure out which jersey is his?

This was retweeted by a pitcher for the Mets. If a story came out that Sammy Sosa started sleeping with a box of cereal on his head I would not be surprised. Wait, you didn’t know that was Sammy Sosa?

I don’t get the whole Royal Family thing or why I should give two craps about them attending a basketball game. They are all creepily holding that basketball and give off an excitement level of Bran Flakes. If given the choice I’d get much more enjoyment over meeting Raul Ibanez than them.

Kenny Anderson and his daughter are the first people in the world to voluntarily eat Panda Express not in an airport.

This was retweeted by Terrell Owens, who uses comments like this to actually make himself believe that he should still be in the league.

Shout out to London Fletcher for being a cool ass dude.

Deep thoughts from Ryan Grant.

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