Average Joe of the Day: Alaa Abdelnaby

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It’s hard to talk about the Boston Celtics without mentioning Alaa Abdelnaby. Usually you start out talking about Larry Bird, Bill Russell, the Chief, Paul Pierce, and then Reggie Lewis. After that you might get to Greg Kite, Dino Radja, Acie Earl, and Joe Kleine. THEN you get to Alaa Abdelnaby. Alaa, who was the first Egyptian player in the NBA, had the best season of his career in 92′-93′ with the Celtics. He averaged 8.2 ppg and 4.8 boards. He is most known for his super dorky quote while at Duke (when talking about their academics), “The only way I can make five A’s is when I sign my name”. Alaa did redeem himself in this Upper Deck card by rocking the black Reebok pumps that Dee Brown made famous. As a 12 year old at that time, these shoes were cooler than Zach Morris and the train set from Silver Spoons combined.

Alaa Abdelnaby Celtics

Just when you thought that sports Youtube videos couldn’t get any more random I go and find this: A 22 second montage of Alaa Abdelnaby dunks. How or why someone took time out of their day to put together a highlight real of dunks for a guy that averaged 5.7 ppg and was not known as a dunker I have no clue. Consider yourself one of the few people in the world who has ever seen this.

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