Average Joe of the Day: Rex Chapman

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I’m going to bring back a bit that I used to do called Average Joe of the Day and combine it with the “Baseball Card of the Day” column. Since I still have my thousands of baseball/basketball/football cards from my youth I’m going to pick one out and comment on it. Since none of the cards I’m picking were worthy of being put in a hard case or even a notebook sleeve then they can be deemed average. Thus the invention of the Average Joe. Up first is one of the best white dunkers and first player ever signed by the Charlotte Hornets Rex Chapman.

RexChapman Skybox

Rex is going HAM¬†with just about every 1990’s fad in this Skybox card. Boy sized medium shorts. Check. Spandex underneath the shorts to make the boys medium shorts look that much cooler. Check. “Cons” shoes with the giant tongue. Check. Also throw in the sweet rays of color that Skybox is putting in there and you’ve got a fantastic card. But wait, the back of the card is even better.

RexChapman Skybox Back of Card

Rex Chapman made over $22 million in his career, was a star at Kentucky, and could dunk as a white guy. Despite all of this it doesn’t make up for Rex’s picture on the back of this card. It looks like Skybox hired Olan Mills for this photo shoot and then had Bill Cosby come on as his stylist. I’m not sure if this is Chapman’s high school yearbook photo or an ad for JC Penny’s. Whatever it is it’s awesome. Thanks Rex.

Rob Cressy

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