Chicago Bears Jerseys worse than Jay Cutler’s performance

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Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears laid a major turd sandwich last night against the Packers. Since I live in Chicago there is Bears stuff everywhere but because of the relative lack of star power on the team over the last ten years or so the jerseys that you see can be as disappointing as the offensive line. For someone like me who loves bad or expired jerseys this is a great thing. Here’s a few to feast your eyes on that are representative of what’s trolling around Chicago.

Johnny Knox Bears Jersey

Johnny Knox is still on the Bears and he started 27 games over the last two seasons. It shouldn’t be that outlandish to see someone rocking his jersey but I disagree. Knox is a product of the Bears having possibly the worst receiving corp in the NFL over the last ten+ years. Last year he led the team in yards with 727 despite catching only 37 balls. That average per catch is very good but Knox was being relied on to be the number one or two receiver. Before this year the Bears haven’t had a clear cut number one or number two but instead have had about seven number three receivers that all got their chance to try and be the top dog. Naturally none of them emerged and the corp as a whole has teetered in mediocrity. How bad has the Bears receiving corp been? The last time they had a 1000 yard receiver was Marty Booker back in 2002. That’s why I think that this jersey is gross. It’s a constant reminder of how bad the wide receiving unit has been for the team. Knox is a third receiver and you just don’t rock the jersey of a third receiver.

Rashan Salaam Marcus Robinson Bears jerseys

After I tweeted out the Johnny Knox jersey and said how gross it was Bears fan Andrew Jacobs sent over what might be the most impressive gross collection of two Bears jerseys ever: Rashaan Salaam and Marcus Robinson. We’ve talked about Rashaan Salaam before so I won’t rehash why his jersey is so great. If you know who he is then you know what it’s great. As for Marcus Robinson he’s like the girl that gave you the best one night stand ever but will never call you back. Back in 1999 he set a Bears record with 1400 receiving yards to go with 84 catches. Those numbers were good enough to be fourth and ninth in the NFL respectively. With expectations higher than Rashaan Salaam at a Phish concert Robinson followed that up by getting injured and barely totaling half of his receiving output from the year before (738 yards). After that he became a journeymen of Brian Cardinal proportions and the rest is history. He gave the Bears one amazing season and is the “How Bizarre” by OMC of NFL receivers.

Patrick Mannelly Bears Jersey

When I first saw this jersey I was pretty excited, I thought that it was a Dexter Manley jersey. Then I realized that Dexter Manley never played for the Bears and upon further review his last name is spelled differently. I’m ashamed to say this but I actually had to look it up to see who this was. Too much of my delight I found out that it was Patrick Mannelly, the Bears long snapper for pretty much forever. Mannelly is currently the longest tenured Chicago Bear on the roster and holds the record for most games played for the team. He also runs the website which instantly adds about two more cool points to his lure. Major dap goes out to this Bears fan for rocking this jersey. When given the choice between a Walter Payton, the Fridge, or Brian Urlacher  jersey he decided to give homage to one of the unsung heros of the team and show everyone that he indeed was a true fan. I will say, however, that tucking his jersey into his khaki shorts was a questionable call.

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