Grilling Bacon, Bacon + Zombies, and a Bacon Joke

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when-pigs-fly-grilling-baconSorry for the lack of bacon coverage lately as my doctor placed me on a bacon timeout due to my cholesterol spiking like Johnny Manziel’s blood alcohol level at a frat party. I’m back like All Day Adrian Peterson after ACL surgery ready to dish out the best the bacon world has to offer with our weekly When Pigs Fly column which will include bacon foods, comedy and theater as well as other bits of bacon info. If you come across anything in the bacon world that you find unique or interesting hit me up on twitter @thesportsjudge.

Bacon Life

It’s summer time and there is nothing like cracking open an ice cold beer, putting on an apron with some random joke about getting intimate with the cook and firing up the old grill. Burgers, dogs, and steaks are all awesome grilling staples but I was craving some bacon. Bacon can be grilled and is amazingly tasty as the grilling process brings out even more of the smoky goodness. If you have never grilled bacon before I suggest you follow these instructions unless you are willing to lose your eyebrows like I did.

Bacon Lust

Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Pickles


I came across this product on the World Wide Web and instantly my bacon lust reached levels so intense I had to smoke a bacon cigarette afterwards. This looks like a late night craving of a pregnant woman that came to life and it is deliciously beautiful. The bacon wrapped pickle is a featured product at the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, California so if you are out on the left coast I urge you to get out there and try this item which you can wash down with a bacon root beer also available at the fair.

Bacon Theater

Two of the most popular things in world today are bacon and zombies. In this video they morph together to come after you. I suggest you run like Forrest Gump.

Bacon Humor – Bacon Pick up line

“Hey do you like bacon? Wanna strip?”


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