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Bacon Fueled Motorcycle

By August 6, 2014June 18th, 2018No Comments

driven-by-bacon-motorcycleOur friends at Hormel Black Label Bacon have built the first bacon fueled motorcycle. As if providing us with delicious bacon wasn’t enough, they messed around and got a triple double in the form of a motorcycle that runs off of bacon grease. Here’s a peak at what this bad boy looks like.

bacon fueled motorcycleThey are taking this bacon fueled motorcycle on a journey from Minnesota to San Diego and along the way will be giving away free bacon while documenting the whole thing. Someone please give them an award for awesomeness because this is spectacular.

We know first hand how awesome Hormel Black Label Bacon is as they have supported Bacon Sports by giving us tons of free bacon to give away at our Awesomest NFL Draft Party and once again will be part of our Bacon, Sports & Beer Celebration. As if you needed another reason to support their brand let this be it. How many other bacon companies out there have built a motorcycle that runs off of meat treat leftovers?

Make sure to check out more about this bacontastic journey by going to DrivenByBacon.com and follow along on Twitter with #drivenbybacon. Now excuse me while I go cook up some delicious Hormel Black Label Bacon to start my day.


Rob Cressy

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