Bacon isn’t just for breakfast any longer

By February 25, 2013June 18th, 2018No Comments

bacon-productsAs diehard sports fans we have seen sports evolve to something bigger, better, and faster with twenty-four hour coverage of pretty much any game you can imagine. The same could be said for the salty and smoky meat treat that makes your mouth salivate like the thirteen year old you watching Pam Anderson run down the beach. I’m talking about bacon my friends; it ain’t just for breakfast any longer.

As we progress through the twenty-first century bacon is still a breakfast staple but it’s become even more. Let’s say you are out and meet a lovely lady and you are rocking that Zach Morris game you picked up watching Saved by the Bell and you lean in for the kiss. You no longer have to wish to yourself that her sweet lips tasted like bacon because they can with the help of bacon lip balm. Then you can invite her back to your crib and pour her a glass of bacon vodka. Things start to get a little hot and heavy and you decide to move the action to the boudoir, your own personal Madison Square Garden. That’s when you turn on some Bell Biv DeVoe and bust out the bacon lube and go hog wild. Afterwards you can flip on some SportsCenter and a light up a couple bacon cigarettes.

Bacon is currently like the Lebron James of meat with its popularity and businesses are taking full advantage by offering consumers a wide array of bacon flavored products. If the products above didn’t tickle your fancy maybe bacon toothpaste, Band-Aids, soaps and air fresheners will do the trick. Some of the offerings may seem out there like Ron Artest in a therapy session but there are no limits to the power of bacon from the breakfast table, to the office, to your tailgate party and as we already highlighted to the bedroom. I say bring the sizzle into your life and embrace the bacon my friends.




Pittsburgh Sports fan, retired sumo wrestler and hopefully a future reality TV star. All about the bacon, I bring it home daily.