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Ultimate Sports Man Cave Office

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BACON-SPORTS-MAN-CAVE-OFFICE-3It has always been my dream to have a sports man cave. One of our goals at Bacon Sports is to create a sports man cave office similar to what you see on the Dan Patrick Show, but in our own way of course (there will be a conference room enclosed in a hockey penalty box). Until that time comes G-Hunt and I have had to get creative with the small amount of space we have. We both live in Chicago, in the city, so space is at a premium like left handed relievers.

Last week I sold my bed on Craigslist to a guy in a Bulls Starter jacket and got the green light to turn my guest bedroom into a sports man cave media room. This sports man cave media room needed to be visually appealing so that our creative asses can feel comfortable and inspired, as well as functional so that we can create podcasts and videocasts out of it. I spent all weekend building this out and the result is a sports nostalgia and awesomeness seizure of fun.

sports-man-cave-baseball-card-wallpaper sports-man-cave-media-room-jordansports-man-cave-media-room-bacon-sports

In case you are wondering, the baseball card wallpaper was something that I created a year or two ago with a bunch of my common cards. The process wasn’t too bad, it was just a little time consuming to do that many.

Here’s a video explaining why I choose the items I did for the sports man cave.

Over at the Bacon Sports Skybox in the West Loop G-Hunt is doing his thing with a 13 foot indoor living room basketball hoop. Here’s a perfect video we shot of the perfect day at the Bacon Sports Skybox.

Keeping with the theme of sports man caves, here are a five sports/awesomeness items that you can add to your man cave to help take it to the next level. These items are all realistic and aren’t something that only Giancarlo Stanton can afford.

Baseball Glove Chair

baseball-glove-chairEver wished you could turn your baseball glove into a super plush chair? A day doesn’t go by in which I don’t ponder that. Luckily, that dream can become a reality with this bad boy. I’d like to think that when sitting in this Gold Glove chair that you are protected by Ozzie Smith’s amazing defensive skills.

H/T: Pintrest

Racing Toilet

This racing toilet is a great compromise between owning a souped up Scion and actually living the lifestyle of someone who has racing seats in their Scion. No doubt this would make going number two, number one!

H/T: Pintrest

Nintendo Controller Table Top

Often table top creativity is overlooked, but with this Nintendo controller table top you’re playing with power!

H/T: Pintrest

Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser
One thing that’s enjoyable with living with my wife is that she changes our soaps based on the season. If it were up to me we’d always be going with “regular.” Instead I get to enjoy washing my hands with Creme Brulee scented soap when it’s chilly out. That shit wouldn’t fly in the man cave but I’ve become accustomed to my soap game being top notch so I’m not ready to go back to regular. Enter the Jack Daniel’s soap dispenser. Never has washing your hands looked so badass.

H/T: Pintrest

Baseaball Bat Hat Rack

When you live in the city, storage space is at a premium. As we speak I’ve got eight hats sitting in a pile next to me because my current hat rack, which only holds 6 if I double up on two of them, is full. Hats on the ground no more with these baseball bat hat racks. They are both functional and look cool. Just keep them away from Delmon Young.

H/T: Etsy

I want to hear from you. How are you rolling in your man cave? Snap a pic or video and send it to us on Snapchat @baconsports or email it to boom@baconsports.com. We’ll compile the best ones and give you some dap. 

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