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For this week’s sports trivia post, I’ve decided to mix it up, literally. There is a sports smorgasbord with everything from the NBA to College Football. See how your comprehensive sports knowledge measures up…

1. What two pass-happy QBs have thrown for more than 5 TDs in a game the most number of times with 9?

2. Who was the last NFL RB to have over 1,000 yards rushing and 1,000 yards receiving in the same season?

3. What Harvard-educated NBA player was the last to achieve a triple-double while coming off of the bench, which he accomplished in 2013-2014 season?

4. This major leaguer who had an awful haircut holds the record for having the most 4-hit games in a career with 73. Who is he?

5. What former Denver Broncos kicker, and noted boozehound, holds the NFL record for kicking the longest FG at 64 yards?

6. What National League slugger and inspiration for one of the best fictional sports movie characters holds the record for having the most plate appearances in the Major League All-Star game?

7. This midwest college football program holds the record for most bowl game losses. Who are they?

8. These two NBA franchises can claim to have the most number of NBA 3-point shootout champions with 4. Who are they?

9. Three MLB players have hit HRs in a record 8 consecutive games. Can you name one of them?

10. Surprisingly, this large market NFL team’s home field has the smallest stadium capacity. What is the team and the stadium?

With the NFL playoffs upon us, here are a couple of highlights from over the years…



1. Drew Brees & Peyton Manning
2. Marshall Faulk with the Rams in 1999
3. Jeremy Lin of the Houston Rockets
4. Pete Rose
5. Matt Prater
6. Willie Mays with 79
7. Nebraska 26 losses
8. Boston Celtics & Chicago Bulls
9. Ken Griffey Jr., Don Mattingly, and Dale Long
10. Chicago Bears, Soldier Field with 61,500 seats


How’d you do? Want to talk about any of the players or teams in this sports trivia? Hit us up on Twitter @BaconSports.




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