Barry Sanders “The Football Life”

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barry sanders in high school

barry sanders in high school

If you didn’t watch “The Football Life” of Barry Sanders on NFL Network then you missed an amazing show (for obvious reason, Barry Sanders was the greatest and most electric running back ever). This is a photo from his local newspaper showing him finish second in rushing yards in a season in city history to a guy named Brad Wiesen (the record has since been broken and is held by Bryce Brown, the current Philadelphia Eagles running back).

If Brad Wiesen was baller enough to rush for more yards than Barry Sanders in High School then he must have been the next Walter Payton, right? Not quite. From what I could find Brad Wiesen has been a roofer in Wichita, Kansas for the last 25+ years. Sure he didn’t end up as an NFL Superstar but at least he can say that he was better than Barry Sanders for one year. That’s got to get you some cool Dad points and dap at the Y.

oj simpson bob costas

Boy does this picture look like it’s from 100 years ago. Had Bob Costas known that Nordberg had the potential to slice up people I’m guessing that he wouldn’t have been sitting so close to him. Extra bonus points to NBC for the manual Wrigley Field-esk scoreboard in the background and Bob Costas for the sleek and non-dorky glasses.

barry sanders a football life grant hill jersey

Having your picture taken with Barry Sanders is cooler than driving in a DeLorean. Having your picture taken with Barry Sanders and you are wearing a Grant Hill Pistons jersey catapults you to a whole other stratosphere. Kudos to this kid for being a Hoopster way before it was ironic and cool.

barry sanders no yards

I’d have said ┬áthere was a better chance of seeing Bigfoot and a unicorn playing a game or horse in Delonte West’s backyard than Barry Sanders rushing for zero yards on thirteen carries while having a long of seven yards on one of the carries. If you have any question as to why Sanders retired then this certainly helps tell the story.

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