Baseball Card of the Day: Denny Neagle Minnesota Twins

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Since it’s Summertime Chi, Hoopsters and jersey enthusiasts have been out in full force. Because of this a lot of the content I’ve been posting has been jersey related. I’m going to continue to do this but I’m also going to try and work back in some of the other sports related stuff that I was initially posting. With that in mind here’s the newest edition of Baseball Card of the Day. For those that don’t remember, I’ll dig through my gigantic box of common baseball cards that I still have from when I was 8-15 years old and see what I pull out. Today I present to you a 1992 Upper Deck Denny Neagle Minnesota Twins card.

Denny Neagle Twins Card

This picture was definitely taken pre getting caught with a hooker so that’s why he’s got that almost jovial smirk on his face. Neagle only pitched one season in Minnesota going 0-1 with a 4.05 ERA. One random fact about Denny Neagle is that in 2000 he was traded from the Cincinnati Reds with some random player to the New York Yankees for a pile of garbage players and Drew Henson. Yes, that Drew Henson.

Rob Cressy

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