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baseball-trivia-5The start of April and the end of the NCAA basketball tournament always coincide with the start of spring and, more importantly, the start of the baseball season. Time to drop some baseball sports trivia to get your juices flowing.

1. This player, who was the first everyday starting position player from Japan, also has the record for most hits in a season. Who is he?

2. Since 1980, only one player has played in a Major League game at the age of 18. Who is this juicer?

3. Since 1900, what non-pitcher and stolen base king has played in more seasons than other player?

4. What former rag-arm OF holds the record for hitting the most HRs after age 40?

5. What former Cub holds the record for most HRs for a leadoff hitter? He hit 39 in 2006.

6. Since the start of the HR Derby competition at the All-Star game in 1985, which 9 time All-Star at 1B & DH has hit the most HR Derby home runs?

7. What pitcher suspected of using steroids holds the record for most seasons receiving a CY Young vote with 12?

8. Can you name the player who won the MVP and Cy Young award in the same season?

9. What player and gambler holds the record for most 4-hit games in a career?

10. In the 100 year history of Wrigley Field, this player has hit the most HRs in the Friendly Confines?

11. What American League team holds the record for most wins in a regular season? Hint: It happened within the last 15 years.

12. Who was the last player who won the Rookie of the Year award and currently in the MLB Hall of Fame?

Before the answers are revealed, I will dedicate the following video to Derek Jeter, who after 20 season is finally hanging them up after the season.

1. Ichiro Suzuki 262 hits in 2004
2. Alex Rodriguez in 1994
3. Rickey Henderson- 25 seasons
4. Barry Bonds with 79 HRs
5. Alfonso Soriano
6. David Ortiz with 77 HRs
7. Roger Clemens
8. Justin Verlander 2011
9. Pete Rose – 73 games
10. Sammy Sosa – 293 HRs
11. 2001 Seattle Mariners 116-46
12. Cal Ripken Jr. 1982 ROY

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