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baseball-triviaSpring training is in full effect which means baseball’s opening day will soon be upon us. Even the Astros and Cubs will be in contention at that point. In the meantime, here are some baseball sports trivia questions to tide you over until the first pitch.

1. Currently, this suspended former All-Star racked up the most 100 RBI seasons in a career with 14. Who is he?

2. This former Philadelphia Phillies All-Star holds the record for hitting the most HRs during the 1980s.

3. Who was the last team to win the World Series that played their home games in a domed stadium?

4. This HR hitter, who had a cameo in Baseketball,  has the most strikeouts of any Hall of Famer?

5. This NL West team’s stadium has the largest seating capacity in MLB?

6. What player and degenerate gambler holds the record for most 4-hit games during a career with 73?

7. Who was the last player to hit 4 home runs in one game? (Hint: It happened in 2012)

8. Who is the only active player to have over 10k at-bats and a career average of over .300?

9. In 2007, this Boston Red Sox starter was the last rookie to pitch a no-hitter?

10. What player had the most hits during the decade of the 2000s?

11. Can you state the team that plays in each of the stadiums pictured below?

a. royals-stadium

b. reds-stadium

c. angels-stadium

d. safeco-field

e. diamondbacks-stadium

f. marlins-stadium

g. rockies-stadium

Before the answers, here is the only guy you would ever find at a baseball game more drunk than Bobby Cox. Always classic.


1. Alex Rodriguez
2. Mike Schmidt with 313 HRs
3. 2001 Arizona Diamondbacks
4. Reggie Jackson with 2,597Ks
5. Dodger Stadium (56,000)
6. Pete Rose
7. Josh Hamilton
8. Derek Jeter 10,614 ABs & a .312 average
9. Clay Buchholz
10. Ichiro, 2030 hits
11. a. Kansas City Royals, b. Cincinnati Reds, c. Anaheim Angels, d. Seattle Mariners, e. Arizona Diamondbacks, f. Miami Marlins, g. Colorado Rockies



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