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Bacon-Sports-TriviaThe unofficial start of summer has arrived, so the subject of this week’s sports trivia is none other than America’s pastime: Baseball. So, sometime this weekend between your 16th hamburger and 28th Bud Light, try your hand at this baseball sports trivia quiz and see how you stack up.

1. What MLB franchise has the highest all time National League winning percentage?

2. Who is the only active player to have 1,000 hits in both the American League and National League? (Hint: He is currently on an AL East team)

3. Since 1985, this starting pitcher has the lowest ERA for an entire season. Who is he? (Hint: He has a no-hitter to his credit, along with a drug problem)

4. Currently, Derek Jeter has the most hits of any active player. What active player (not-retired) is currently #2?

5. Since 1980, there has only been one pitcher to lose 20 games in season. Mike Maroth went 9-21 in 2003. What team did he pitch for that year?

6. Can you name 1 of the 2 players in the Baseball Hall of Fame who were inducted as Montreal Expos?

7. What soon-to-be Hall of Famer holds the record for most Gold Glove awards for a catcher?

8. Alex Rodriguez has been MLB’s highest paid player since 2000. What AL slugger preceded him as baseball’s highest paid player?

9. What closer holds the record for most saves in a season?

10. What pitcher holds the record for most wins during the decade of the 2000s?

11. Since 1940, what NL outfielder has finished the most seasons with a batting average over .350.

12. Who was the last to pitcher to eclipse the 3,000 strikeout plateau, which he did in 2008? (Hint: He was an 8-time All-Star & a Cy Young Award winner)

Speaking of Miller Lite, this week I wanted to highlight the career of one of the greats, Bob Uecker a.k.a George Owens. In addition to being a great broadcaster for the Milwaukee Brewers, he has also been a beer spokesman and a versatile actor. Here are a couple of his better performances…

1. San Francisco Giants .538 winning percentage
2. Alfonso Soriano
3. Dwight Gooden 1.52 ERA in 1985 (no-hitter in 1996, constant coke problem)
4. Alex Rodriguez with 2,939 hits
5. The Detroit Tigers who lost 119 games that season
6. Gary Carter (2003) & Andre Dawson (2010)
7. Ivan Rodriguez with 13 GG Awards
8. Carlos Delgado averaging $17 million per season
9. Francisco Rodriguez 62 in 2008
10. Andy Pettitte 147
11. Tony Gwynn 6 times
12. John Smoltz


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