Best and worst random NFL jerseys found on eBay

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Andre Rison Browns jersey

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and random NFL jerseys are no exception. We love us some random and bad jerseys and with holiday shopping season in full swing we thought it would be fun to see what the best and worst random NFL  jerseys for sale on eBay were.

Tom Rathman 49ers jersey

If you want to see a run that is indiciative of Tom Rathman’s career as a running back with the San Francisco 49ers then you should watch this video. Replay that video 544 times and you’ve got his career as a runner. Being on the same team as Jerry Rice, John Taylor, and Roger Craig doesn’t leave much room for the fullback to run the ball.

Billy Bates Cowboys jersey

If Rudy were to have made it to the NFL then he definitely would have been Dallas Cowboys special teamer Bill Bates. There is a 100% chance that a white guy owns this jersey. No black guy is going to shell out $50+ for this when the way more attractive options of Michael Irvin and Nate Newton are available.

Here’s a video of Herschel Walker destroying Bill Bates in college on his way to the end zone.

Bobby Herbert Saints jersey

How do you know that you’ve made it in life? When Seinfeld does a scene about your last name. Way to go Bobby Hebert!

Andre Rison Browns jersey

We all know that Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez burned down Andre Rison’s house when they were living in Atlanta. Did you know that he remained with her despite that and even rapped in a song titled “Rags to Riches” with her? That shit cray’. Andre Rison’s departure from the Cleveland Browns was about as smooth as a Dwight Howard free throw so I can’t imagine that too many Browns fans are clamoring to rock this jersey.

Mike Mamula Eagles jersey

This Mike Mamula Philadelphia Eagles jersey is one of the best that I’ve seen. Eagles fans would rather forget the Mike Mamula era but for the casual fan this bad boy is a gem. Mamula was way ahead of his time and skyrocketed up the NFL draft board because he trained solely for the combine. He aced pretty much everything and that vaulted him all the way up to the 7th pick overall. Unfortunately for Mamula NFL games on Sunday’s aren’t played with cones and stop watches and he didn’t quite live up to expectations.

Sam Gash Patriots jersey

Is there a better name for a fullback than Sam Gash? I think not. What makes Sam Gash so awesome is that he was the first running back in NFL history to be elected to the Pro Bowl without carrying the ball once during the regular season. That’s baller.


Lyle Alzado Raiders Jersey

Who wouldn’t want to walk around town in the jersey of the poster child for steroid use in the NFL? I was typing into Google “Lyle Alzado S” to look up some stuff with steroids and to much of my delight the second thing that popped up was “Lyle Alzado Saved by the Bell”. Lyle Alzado was never on Saved by the Bell. That was Bob Golic and that was during the College Years which were average at best. If they really wanted to make the show good they would have showed Slater and Zach laying pipe like Wilt Chamberlain like you know that they were.

Erik Kramer Bears jersey

This is now the second time that we’ve had an Erik Kramer Bears jersey on the site. I’m not sure what the mindset would be of someone who would buy this jersey off of eBay right now. The only logic that I can think of is that you are trying to complete your stable of average at best quarterback jerseys alongside the Detmer brothers (Ty and Koy) and Bubby Brister.

Robert Porcher Lions Jersey

I’m only putting this Robert Porcher jersey on here because I’ve never seen a Robert Porcher jersey before. This could be because Lions fans only had Barry Sanders jerseys and something is wrong with you if you are choosing Robert Porcher over Barry Sanders.

Michael Westbrook Redskins jersey

What two players are always going to be linked together because one beat the crap out of the other? None other than Michael Westbrook and Stephen Davis. I believe that rocking these jerseys and going as these two players to a Halloween party should win you costume of the night award. The unintentional comedy level is just too high.

Stephen Davis Redskins jersey

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