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Best Jerseys Hoopsters broke out at our Rock a Jersey party (37 pictures)

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On Saturday we threw our first ever Rock a Jersey party at Halligan Bar and the Hoopsters and sports fans of Chicago came hard in the paint. We have a Derek Jeter-like standard when it comes to jerseys. He only brings home 10’s and that’s what we expect too. Thankfully everyone in attendance did not disappoint and we had the greatest non-music festival assortment of jerseys that I’ve ever seen. Here’s a compilation of the different jerseys from the party.


This Eddie Jones Los Angeles Lakers jersey kicked things off strong and was a Bacon Bro finalist for best jersey of the party.


You come at the king you best not miss. I lead by example as I rocked my Malik Sealy Detroit Pistons jersey. Sealy only played one season in Detroit averaging only 7.7 ppg. I don’t know why this jersey was ever made but it was on eBay so I had to scoop it up. My favorite fact about Malik Sealy is that he left his playbook on an airplane when he was with the Indiana Pacers.


This is a walk-off jersey combo as you won’t find a better bust duo than this. Rashaan Salaam and Curtis Enis Chicago Bears. Damn.

hot-girl-illinois-jersey  michael-jordan-oj-mayo-jersey

Michael Jordan North Carolina jersey + OJ Mayo USC jersey.


That’s a Kendall Gill Illinois tank top jersey. Word.


Sean coming strong with his Cam Newton Auburn jersey. There weren’t a ton of college jerseys being rocked so it’s worth a mention.


These were the five finalists for the Bacon Bro of the party award given to the person rocking the best jersey.


adrian-peterson-vikings-jersey mark-price-cavs-jersey

At any other party this Mark Price Cavs jersey would be a finalist for the best jersey award. However, the bar has been raised with us.


Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn Indians jersey + Ryan Miller Team USA jersey = Von Miller Denver Broncos jersey.


Expired Carmelo Anthony Denver Nuggets jersey. Nice work. There were very few expired jerseys at the party.



kareem-abdul-jabar-lakers-jersey sidney-crosby-penguins-jersey



Matt was not a happy camper that his Craig Ehlo Cavs jersey didn’t make the top five. Had this been a signed Damon Jones Cavs jersey then maybe he’d have a chance.


This was the sneaky best jersey of the party: Julius Jones Dallas Cowboys.

bobby-hull-blackhawks-jersey dustinpedroiaredsoxjersey patrick-kane-teamusa-jersey magic-johnson-lakers-jersey

No name on back Magic Johnson Lakers jersey.


One soccer fan making his presence known.

paul-konerko-whitesox-jersey hot-girls-rocking-jerseys

Chicks dig jerseys too.


Your eyes are not deceiving you. That is a Mitch Moreland Texas Rangers jersey and anyone who knows who Mitch Moreland is most certainly will appreciate the randomness of this jersey. She thinks that Mitch Moreland has the best ass in baseball (no joke) and had a custom jersey of his made since they don’t really sell them in stores. That’s what you call dedication.


The Bacon Bro of the party award (which came with winning the Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn jersey) goes to my boy Kevin Wagner. This is a signed Jimmy Chitwood Hickory jersey. We’ll be doing a full article on the story behind this but here’s the two seconds version. Kevin got this as a Christmas gift but it did not arrive until a few hours before the party (he was going to rock a Bobby Hurley Kings jersey otherwise). Kevin’s brother’s fiance wrote to Maris Valainis (the guy who played Jimmy Chitwood) with a self addressed stamped envelope and the jersey asking for him to sign it. Maris is a cool dude and he did. This only adds to the lure of how awesome Jimmy Chitwood is.


My boy Marty D was a Bacon Bro finalist as he’s rocking a game worn Brian Simmons Cincinnati Bengals jersey with Zubas. He got this jersey because he won our fantasy football league two years ago and the rule was that you had to buy a jersey with the winnings. Great choice!


My girlfriend Rachael rocking a Ryan Miller Team USA jersey. Miller absolutely stood on his head during that Olympics so this jersey is dope.


I’d prefer to wear a DeAngelo Williams Panthers jersey than start him in my fantasy lineup.

marian-hossa-balckhawks-jersey lawrence-taylor-giants-jersey vancouver-canucks-retro-jersey

Mike was a Bacon Bro finalist with this unbelievable retro Vancouver Canucks jersey. It looks like it came straight from the set of Tron. I absolutely love this and it shows how solid of a crowd we had that this didn’t win.


Juwan Howard BULLETS jersey. Yes, Washington Bullets. Respect.


I want to hear from you. Which jersey(s) did you think were the best? We are dedicated to being the number one destination for all your Hoopster and random jersey sighting needs. If you see a random jersey on the street then snap a pic and send it to us. You can send it via email to rob@baconsports.com, via Twitter @BaconSports, or on Facebook/BaconSports.


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