Best Custom Jerseys From NFL Week 5

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NFL-WEEK-5-CUSTOM-JERSEYSThis weekend we had a good amount of ridiculous custom jerseys spotted at NFL stadiums. The bar has been raised and jersey enthusiasts and sports fans have responded with a combination of passion and sadness. Here are four of the best custom jerseys we spotted from NFL Week 5.

36-pack-of-beer-jersey-chargersRaise your hand if you believe that beer should be consumed in 36 packs, not the standard 24! This proud Chargers fan believes so much in the merits of having an extra 12 that he decided to put it on his jersey. Who am I to argue, we threw the Bacon, Sports & Beer Celebration so clearly we are Team Beer.

H/T: @DarrenRovell via @xmasape

i-cry-at-night-jersey-please-win-jersey-brownsHoly Smokes Batman, Browns fans going next level here with their jersey game. We all know the story of the Browns and the torment their fans have had to endure, but I’m not sure if I’d shell out $150+ to get a custom jersey hammering home the point. Upon further inspection, however, it seems that this loving couple didn’t buy new jerseys but instead converted their old Peyton Hillis #40 Browns jerseys into I Cry At Night #40 and Please Win #40 jerseys. It was less brutal when I thought they purchased the custom jerseys for $150, than it was because of Peyton Hillis train wreck ending with the Browns and they had to tape over it. LeBron can’t start playing soon enough.

H/T: @BustedCoverage
browns-quarterbacks-crossed-off-jerseyLike seeing Kate Upton do the Cat Daddy, some things never get old, just like this crossed off the list Browns quarterbacks jersey. This jersey has been done before, but it always draws a smile when you see it. For the sake of this guy and the tormented couple above hopefully they took some joy in having an amazing comeback yesterday against Clipboard Jesus.

H/T: @ClayTravisBGID via @DanLittle3D

99-problems-aint-1-titans-jerseyThis 99 Problems Ain’t 1 Titans jersey combo is starting to get a bit stale. We’ve seen it many times, on many different teams, from many different couples. Shout out to anyone for putting the extra effort in to try and stand out and actually pulling the trigger on a jersey like this, and I dig Hov as much as the next guy and 99 Problems was dope, but how bout you buy a Charlie Whitehurst/Matt Hasselbeck Titans jersey combo instead?

H/T: @BustedCoverage



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