Post-Lollapalooza 2017: Best Jerseys & Holy Smokes (Ep 235)

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lollapalooza jerseys podcast 2017

lollapalooza jerseys podcast 2017

Lollapalooza 2017 just went down and Holy Smokes Batman the quality and quantity of jerseys rocked was out of this world. The Hoopster Nation crew Rob Cressy, Gibson Smith, and Hoopstergram’s Tom Phillips jump on a post Lollapalooza podcast to talk about all things Lollapalooza jerseys.

Topics we cover include:

  • The dap we got for rocking each of our jerseys.
  • This years biggest trend was girls rocking jerseys and they went hard in the paint.
  • Why was UCLA, Russell Westbrook, and Lonzo Ball the big winners?
  • Were there more Kyrie Irving or LeBron James jerseys? What about Kevin Durant vs Steph Curry?
  • For players on new teams, did we see any Chris Paul Rockets, Paul George Thunder, or Jimmy Butler Timberwolves jerseys?
  • Were there as many Derrick Rose Bulls jerseys being rocked as we expected?
  • What was the group jersey trend of this?
  • What do we think of the younger generation of fans who rock jerseys?

Check out the Top 100 jerseys pictures of Lollapalooza HERE. 

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