Best of Bacon: the hottest, dopest, and most random of 2012

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hot girls wrestling costume

2012 was a great year year for Bacon Sports. We went to Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Pitchfork, and the Ryder Cup and captured all the random jerseys and sports goodness that was happening there. We met some cool ass people, got some dope pictures and videos, and had an absolute blast while doing it. We brought you some unique content and hope that you enjoyed the different take that we have on the world of sports and what a sports blog can offer. Since many of you came across our site at different times during the year I thought that I’d give you the Best of Bacon, the best posts and events from 2012. Enjoy.

dominique wilkins celtics jersey

Top 5 random hoopster jerseys captured at Lollapalooza. This is the best of the best from the event and includes this gem, a Dominique Wilkins Boston Celtics jersey.

darius miles jersey

The random jerseys we captured hoopsters rocking over our four days at Bonnaroo. This crowd was from all over the place so the jerseys were equally as random.

jim jackson mavericks jersey

The random jerseys we captured a super hipster heavy crowd rocking at Pitchfork.

pervert ryder cup

Yep, went to Sunday at the Ryder Cup and captured the jerseys and random sports happenings at Medina. At least the fans showed up on Sunday unlike the US team.

buffalo hockey guys

Random jerseys and sports stuff from the Buffalo Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. This event had two of the best sports themed group costumes.

jonathan franklin throat slash

After Jonathan Franklin broke off a sick run for a touchdown against USC sealing the game for the Bruins he dropped a vicious throat slash to the crowd

wes muschamp

During the World’s Largest Cocktail party Florida Gators coach Will Muschamp made some of the most emphatic faces ever. We captured all of them.

hot girls wrestling costume

Went to Public House and captured the best sports themed Halloween costumes. These girls took the crown for best costume as well as hottest rendition of WWF wrestlers ever. 
sam hurd

Chicago Bears wide receiver Sam Hurd got busted for slinging a buttload of drugs. We break down how much money he was making from selling dro  and then we break down how much money he was making from selling blow.

hot oregon cheerleaders photobomb

Oregon has the hottest cheerleaders in all of the land. Since they were playing at Arizona State we figured that we’d check out the scenery in the crowd. Little did we know that not only would we see lots of hot chicks but also some of the best photobombs ever.

lsu hot girl

At the time LSU vs Alabama was the game of the year. The play on the field did not disappoint and nor did the people in the stands. Here’s the best of who we found kicking it in the crowd.

mark sanchez titans loss

After Mark Sanchez had another dumpster fire of a game, sports fans on Twitter had plenty to say about his performance. These are the most ruthless and best tweets we found.


Here’s to a 2013 that is more on fire than Gary Payton from way downtown in NBA Jams. Don’t forget to send us the random jerseys that you see at bars, on the streets, or at games. Also, check us out on Facebook and Twitter if you want to talk shop or see some other unique content that we come up with.

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