randomathlete-best-ofWe like to play the game #randomathlete on Twitter @BaconSports and on Facebook. If you are a sports junkie that has an endless vat of knowledge this game is a blast. The concept is simple, just list any random athlete ever. There is definitely a delicate balance between completely absurd and unknown athletes and throwing out one that hits that sweet spot. When you play the game you’ll know. Just know that you’ll need to bring the heat because throwing out someone like Drew Bledsoe or John Stockton isn’t gonna cut it. This is the big league’s Holmes.

This page is a running tally of the best #randomathlete that we’ve selected as winners and who threw them out.

To get you in the groove of things here’s a video we created where we list off a bunch of #randomathlete.

The Winners:

  • Ray Crockett by Tom Hamm (Jan 29, 14)
  • Richard Hidalgo by Timothy Bryant (Dec 31, 13)
  • Taylor Coppenrath by Brett Doszack (Dec 20, 13)
  • Sharone Wright by David Rush (Dec 11, 13)
  • “The Commander” Cody Carlson by Tom Hamm (Dec 6, 13)
  • Makhtar Ndiaye by Michael Zerman (Dec 5, 13)
  • Casey Weldon by Karl Gustafson (Oct 31, 13)
  • Stefano Pelinga by Brett Doszack (Oct 24, 13)
  • Parker Bohn III by Jim Mix (Oct 22, 13)
  • Kevin Curtis by Danielle Berman (Oct 18, 13)
  • Trung Canidate by Brad Doszack (Oct 15, 13)