Funny tweets about AJ McCarron’s girlfriend Katherine Webb

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katherine webb alabama

katherine webb alabamaDuring the turd sandwich of a BCS game last night between Alabama and Notre Dame the cameras showed AJ McCarron’s new girlfriend Katherine Webb. This pretty much caused Brent Musburger to go all Fritzy (for you DP fans out there) on everyone and she promptly became the talk of the town like she just had a threesome with Kate Upton and Mark Sanchez at midfield. Any time someone blows up on the scene America is sure to have something to say about it and in the event that this person is a hot chick then all filters are off. That was most certainly the case with Katherine Webb. Here’s some of the best tweets about Katherine Webb that we saw.

If you think Katherine Webb is hot then you should check out the many faces that Alex Flanagan made when she was on TV.

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