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My boy Matt Smith is an Angels fans, and there’s rarely reasons to go see the White Sox play, so I took him up on his offer of buying $10 seats to watch his struggling Angels try to avoid being swept in the middle of a playoff chase by a below .500 squad starting $15 million dollar man John Danks and his 4.58 ERA. Opposing Danks was Andrew Heaney, a young pitcher who’s on my fantasy baseball team, who had won 7 of his 8 big league starts and was coming in with a 2.54 ERA. I went into this matchup hoping to see some good random jerseys, a solid outing from Heaney, and lots of runs given up by Danks.


First White Sox jersey of the journey is a Scott Podsednik. His first season with the White Sox in 2005, Podsednik set a career high in caught stealing with 23, which lead all of baseball. The following season he kept the party going as he lead the majors again in caught stealing, this time with 19.


Frank Thomas was my favorite baseball player as a kid. I collected and still have virtually every one of his baseball cards. Big shout out to the Big Hurt.


I’m down with rocking an Aaron Rowand White Sox jersey. He hit a career high .310 with 24 HR’s in 2004. Plus defensively he made some highlight real catches.


For some reason I like to think that Joe Crede was a crappier player than he actually was. He won a sliver slugger award (the year he hit 30 HR’s) and appeared in an All-Star game over 9 seasons with the White Sox. Now go take that dump Joe.


The view for $10 ain’t bad.


carlon-fisk-white-sox-jersey adam-eaton-white-sox-jersey

I found it egregious that an Adam Eaton jersey would be hanging up in the gift shop window next to Jose Abreu. Also in the window (not shown) was Chris Sale and Jeff Samardzija (to go with Avisail Garcia). This speaks volumes about the current state of the Chicago White Sox. Am I to believe that Adam Eaton is the next best player or next most popular? No way. Throw up Carlos Rodon’s jersey, give the fans some hope. Hell, throw up Trayce Thompson’s jersey, the brother of Klay Thompson, who just hit his first MLB home run this week. There’s definitely some people who would buy that on the Klay Thompson factor alone.


Old Faithful. Mark Buehrle jerseys are to White Sox fans what Derrick Lee jerseys are to Cubs fans.

white sox jerseys (10)

Out of no where the PA Announcer introduces Bo Jackson. He walks down the 100 level aisle, shakes hands and kisses babies. I especially dug it because I was rocking a Bo Knows hat. I was hoping to see at least one Bo Jackson White Sox jersey tonight but I never imagined it would be from Bo himself. You the man Bo. Holla at ya boy and send over some arrows when you get a chance.


I’ve had Adam Dunn in my life twice. Once when I lived in Cincinnati for 6 years, and then again when I moved to Chicago. What does everyone want to see? Dingers!


I finished off the night with a potential random jersey of the year candidate: a Jeff Fancoeur Mets jersey. Mic dropped.

If you see any random jerseys on the street make sure to snap a pic and send it over to me on Twitter @BaconSports or on Instagram @BaconSports. Make sure to use #randomjersey.

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