Big Boy Sports Trivia 5

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bacon sports triviaAll right sports fans, it’s time to test your sports knowledge with another round of Big Boy Sports Trivia. If you have suggestions for categories that you like/don’t like then let me know.

Who plays there? I’ll give you the name of the college football stadium, you name the school.

  1. Autzen Stadium
  2. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium
  3. Boone Pickens Stadium
  4. Camp Randall Stadium
  5. Folsom Field
  6. Kyle Field
  7. Neyland Stadium
  8. Glass Bowl
  9. Lane Stadium
  10. Ryan Field
Where did they go to college? 1999 NFL Draft Edition. 
  1. Torry Holt
  2. Champ Bailey
  3. Dre Bly
  4. Peerless Price
  5. Joey Porter
  6. Martin Gramatica
  7. Tai Streets
  8. Donald Driver
  9. Daunte Culpepper
  10. Aaron Smith
Where did they go to college? 1999 NBA Draft Edition.
  1. Lamar Odom
  2. Jonathan Bender
  3. Shawn Marion
  4. Ron Artest
  5. James Posey
  6. Lee Nailon
  7. William Avery
  8. Kenny Thomas
Random/General Sports Trivia:
  1. Two members of the Chicago Bulls have the distinction of averaging 20 points per game with Michael Jordan on the roster. Name them both.
  2. Which NBA player has the nickname “Skip to My Lou”?
  3. Which ex-NBA player was Pearl Jam originally named after?
  4. When the refs would call a ticky-tack foul on Rasheed Wallace that would send the other team to the free throw line, what would Rasheed commonly yell after the opposing player missed his free throw?
  5. There are 4 father-son combos in MLB history in which both had at least 200 homer runs apiece. Name them.
  6. What number car does Dale Earnhardt Jr. currently drive?
  7. Name the three members of Run TMC from the Golden State Warriors.
  8. Which coach did Latrell Sprewell choke and what team was he on?
  9. Who has more career home runs? Manny Ramirez or Mike Schmidt.
  10. Who has the most career home runs? Jim Thome, Mark McGwire, or Reggie Jackson.
  11. How many hits did Roberto Clemente have in his career?
  12. Who has the most career hits? Ricky Henderson, Craig Biggio, or Wade Boggs.
  13. Who has the most career hits? Omar Vizquel, Johnny Damon, or Roberto Alomar.
  14. Who has more career hits? Ken Griffey Jr or Alex Rodriguez.

Who Am I? I’ll list a series of hints, tell me who this player is. You get bonus points if you figure it out without having to use all of the hints.

  1. I am still playing in the Majors and am a two time All Star.
  2. I am 22nd all time in career saves with 300.
  3. I’ve played for the Rays, Mets, Angels, A’s, and Cardinals.
  4. In 1999 I was traded to the A’s for Billy Taylor.
  5. My name will forever be linked to Bill Pulsipher and Paul Wilson.

Before I give you the answers he’s a video from when Shaq was on the Lakers. He decides to posterize Chris Dudley and then Dudley does not take too kindly to it.


Who plays there?

  1. Autzen Stadium – Oregon Ducks
  2. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium – Florida Gators
  3. Boone Pickens Stadium – Oklahoma State Cowboys
  4. Camp Randall Stadium – Wisconsin Badgers
  5. Folsom Field – Colorado Buffalos
  6. Kyle Field – Texas A&M Aggies
  7. Neyland Stadium – Tennessee Volunteers
  8. Glass Bowl – Toledo Rockets
  9. Lane Stadium – Virginia Tech Hokies
  10. Ryan Field – Northwestern Wildcats
Where did they go to college? 1999 NFL Draft Edition. 
  1. Torry Holt – NC State Wolfpack
  2. Champ Bailey – Georgia Bulldogs
  3. Dre Bly – North Carolina Tar Heels
  4. Peerless Price – Tennessee Volunteers
  5. Joey Porter – Colorado State Rams
  6. Martin Gramatica – Kansas State Wildcats
  7. Tai Streets – Michigan Wolverines
  8. Donald Driver  – Alcorn St Braves
  9. Daunte Culpepper  – University of Central Florida Knights
  10. Aaron Smith – Northern Colorado Bears
Where did they go to college? 1999 NBA Draft Edition.
  1. Lamar Odom – Rhode Island Rams
  2. Jonathan Bender – He didn’t go to college. He went straight to the NBA.
  3. Shawn Marion – UNLV Running Rebels
  4. Ron Artest – St Johns RedStorm
  5. James Posey – Xavier Musketeers
  6. Lee Nailon – TCU Frogged Horns
  7. William Avery – Duke Blue Devils
  8. Kenny Thomas – New Mexico Lobos
Random/General Sports Trivia:
  1. Scottie Pippen and Orlando Woolridge
  2. Rafer Alston
  3. Mookie Blaylock
  4. Ball Don’t Lie
  5. The Bonds, the Alous, the Bells, and the Fielders.
  6. #88
  7. Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond, Chris Mullin
  8. P.J. Carlesimo. The Golden State Warriors
  9. Manny Ramirez (555 to 548)
  10. Jim Thome (604. 583 for McGwire, and 562 for Reggie)
  11. 3000
  12. Craig Biggio (3060. 3055 for Ricky, and 3010 for Boggs)
  13. Omar Vizquel (2842. The other two each had 2724),
  14. Alex Rodriguez (2800 to 2781)

Who Am I?

You are Jason Isringhausen.


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