Bills Mafia: Vegas Baby Vegas!

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Just when we think the NFL season is over for the Buffalo Bills and their crazy fans, this elder statesman shows up in Las Vegas sporting a Sammy Watkins jersey proving that Bills Mafia is an all-ages party.

This guy wears his Sammy Watkins jersey with pride and I respect the hell of of him for it. The jersey looks like a custom made piece. I’ve never seen a uni fit a body quite like this one does. Sleeves to the elbows. Bottom of the jersey cut off at the belt line to eliminate tucking. This dude has been around the jersey game for a while and has found a style that works for him. He’s probably got his own jersey tailor.

So props to this crafty vet probably heading to the sports book to get early money on a Buffalo Bills Super Bowl win in 2017 (way too early odds at 40/1). Keep fighting the good fight.

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