Epic Blackhawks Celebration in Wrigleyville: 2015 Edition

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The Chicago Blackhawks just won their third Stanley Cup in the last six seasons and we were in Wrigleyville to experience all the chaos and awesomeness after the Game 6 victory. Here’s a video diary of our experience from when the Blackhawks scored each of their goals to the crazy aftermath that ensued on Clark St.

We watched the game at Country Club in Wrigleyville. This is the reaction of the bar after each of the Blackhawks goals.

And when the clock struck zero and the Blackhawks were declared 2015 Stanley Cup Champions! There are few group feelings in the world better than this.

Once we got our fix of in the bar celebrating we headed out to Clark St (which was literally right outside our door) to take part in the mass of Blackhawks fans that were going bonkers.

For some reason this girl thought it would be a good idea to bring her dog to the celebration in Wrigleyville where there was a sea of humanity and tons of fireworks going off. Then the dog said peace out and this epic fail took place.

After having a blast inside the police barricades on Clark St we headed through the enormous crowd to see what was kicking further up the road on Belmont Ave. That’s where we got to experience Blackhawks fans in cars going wild.

All in all this most certainly was an epic Blackhawks celebration in Wrigleyville that lived up to every expectation I had. The Chicago Blackhawks are without a doubt a dynasty and I’m glad that I’ve had the opportunity to experience three of these celebrations in six years.

Check back later this week when I drop footage from the Blackhawks victory parade.


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