Terribly Awesome Card: Bo Jackson

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This 1990 Bo Jackson card broke the laws of supply and demand, similar to the way Bo shattered bats over his head or his knee. Despite being available in abundance at the height of sports card production, dealers priced this Score baseball card in the $20 range and received every penny from eager collectors. The card doesn’t hold much financial value today, but it is still a must-have card for its awesomeness value. The photo is a true work of art that somehow manages to capture what a superior athlete and bad motherfucker Bo Jackson was in a single image. The card designer was smart to let the image speak for itself without adding any intrusive borders or tacky overlay.

I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to witness Bo Jackson play, but at the same time, feel robbed of what could have been from a career cut short by injury. Bo Jackson’s achievements in that short career are numerous. He won the Heisman trophy at Auburn. He was a track star and ran a 4.1 40-yard dash before being selected number one overall in the 1986 NFL Draft. He is the only athlete that was named an All-Star in two major sports. He was named the greatest athlete of all-time by ESPN. I could go on, but much like the Nike Bo Knows commercials of the 90s, Bacon Sports readers know Bo. If we were to resurrect that marketing campaign, here are a few Bo Knows points of interest that I would feature.

BO KNOWS NINTENDO – It is clear Bo is the greatest athlete in video game history. Check out this sick run. You can also check out our Tecmo Super Bowl Draft Board.

BO KNOWS BEST PICTURE – Bo Jackson’s momentum from his 91-yard run versus the Seahawks in 1987 carried him all the way into the tunnel.

This iconic Bo moment was clearly the inspiration for Forest Gump’s kick return in the Oscar-winning movie. Also, the way Gump is weaving down the field looks eerily similar to the Tecmo Super Bowl video.

BO KNOWS CARTOONS – Bo Jackson was one of the three main characters depicted in the Saturday morning cartoon ProStars. The other two were Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan. Can’t get the theme song out of my head.

BO KNOWS PARKOUR – The number of parkour enthusiasts skyrocketed after this 1990 catch. Coincidence? I think not.

BO KNOWS BRUCE – Bo’s most impressive feat might be his foresight, along with Roy Jones Jr., to predict that Bruce Jenner would eventually transition to female. The revelation was delivered in this 1997 Married With Children episode.

Jim Gruseck

Jim Gruseck

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