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This week I continue the theme of city sports trivia, this time with Boston. Beantown is home to irritating accents, Sam Adams, and many championship squads. In fact, they have amassed 35 overall championships in the four major sports. However, as usual, they play second fiddle to New York who has 54. See how you do with this Boston Sports Trivia quiz.

1. What NBA Hall of Famer and 16 year veteran holds the Celtics franchise record for most points scored?

2. Who was the last Boston Red Sox player to win the AL Rookie of the Year Award?

3. This Patriots QB holds the record for most passing yards in a season. Who is he?

4. What Hall of Fame defenseman, who played 21 seasons for the Bruins, logged the most career games in franchise history?

5. This college QB is the only Heisman winner to play for Boston College. Who is he?

6. What Boston Celtic holds the distinction for hitting the most 3-point baskets in one season?

7. Who holds the New England Patriots record for most receiving yards in a game with 217?

8. This Red Sox player holds the record for having the most hits in a season and allegedly drinking 72 beers during one cross-country flight. Who is he?

9. In 2004, this Patriots RB achieved the record for most rushing yards in one season. Who is he?

10. What Red Sox pitcher recorded the most strikeouts in one season?

Here are some memorable Boston sports moments and then I’ll give you the answers.

Who doesn’t love Johnny Most…


How does a guy who is 5’9” throw the ball that far?



1. John Havlicek 26,395 points
2. Dustin Pedroia in 2007
3. Drew Bledsoe 4,555 in 1994
4. Ray Bourque 1,518 games 1979-2000
5. Doug Flutie in 1984
6. Antoine Walker 222 in 2001-2002 (surprisingly Larry Bird wasn’t even in the top 10)
7. Wes Welker in 2011
8. Wade Boggs 255 hits in 1985
9. Corey Dillon 1,635 yards
10. Pedro Martinez 313 in 1999


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Aaron Senich

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