The Return Of Brian Cristiano, Growing Bold & Podcast Plans For 2018

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The band is back together as Rob Cressy is joined by Bold Worldwide CEO Brian Cristiano as they record their first episode together in over 3 months. In this show we discuss what has been going on in Brian’s world including the growth of his video series Growing Bold, lessons learned along the way, brute force vs hustle, what challenges he’s currently facing, and how to build momentum in your business. At the end we also talk about what you can expect out of the Sports Marketing Huddle in 2018.


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In each episode of The Sports Marketing Huddle, CEO of BOLD Worldwide Brian Cristiano, and Founder of Cress Media & Bacon Sports Rob Cressy give a forward-thinking perspective about some of the hottest topics in the world of sports marketing and then give you actionable advice on how you can implement it into your business.

Our goal of the podcast is to create the best sports marketing podcast and take The Sports Marketing Huddle up to #1 on iTunes New & Noteworthy. One way you can help support the show is by subscribing to The Sports Marketing Huddle on iTunes and letting your friends who are in the sports and marketing worlds know about it.

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