Browns Fan Rocking a Tommy Vardell Jersey

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Browns fan rocking a tommy vardell jerseyTouchdown Tommy Vardell Browns Jersey

Wow Factor of this Random Jersey: 9.8 out of 10. There are few jerseys that are as random and awesome as this Tommy Vardell jersey. Had this been a Cory Schlesinger jersey we may have given this a 10.

When you talk about some players you automatically include their nickname when you say their name. Such players would include “The Microwave” Vinny Johnson, “Dr. J” Julius Erving, and our boy “Touchdown” Tommy Vardell. Vardell got his nickname after he scored four touchdowns from the one yard line in a game vs. Notre Dame while he was at Stanford (that team was coached by Denny Green). Since then the nickname stuck.

Tommy Vardell was a beast in Stanford as he ranked second in school history in touchdowns and third in rushing yards. That prompted the Cleveland Browns to draft him 9th overall in the 1992 NFL Draft. That’s right, the Browns selected a full back 9th overall. From there Vardell didn’t really do much offensively and he definitely didn’t live up to his “Touchdown Tommy” moniker. In his first four seasons he had as many fumbles as he did rushing TD’s (3) and only rushed for 1070 yards. That was all she wrote for him in Cleveland.

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