Bruce Lee Ping Pong

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bruce-lee-ping-pongBruce Lee was a badass so when we saw a video where he plays ping pong with nunchucks we felt inspired. That’s when G-Hunt and I decided that we’d create our own version of Bruce Lee ping pong. We didn’t have nunchucks but we did have a Killerspin Bruce Lee mini ping pong table, some Redhook beers to play actual beer pong, and the inspiration to do something sweet.


There are three things we want you to do now:

  1. DO SOMETHING SWEET! and hashtag it (#dosomethingsweet). This can literally be anything, as long as it’s sweet.
  2. Play some #onehandedsports. One handed sports go down on a regular basis when you are throwing a few back at a tailgate or when you are kicking it with your friends. We want to see you combine the worlds of drinking and “athletics”.
  3. If you dig this video then share it.

Here’s the Bruce Lee Ping Pong video that I referenced at the top. So badass.



Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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