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Terribly Awesome Beer: Bud Ice

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bud-iceBeware of the penguin and the hangover. Bud Ice is the first inductee in the Terribly Awesome Beers Hall of Fame.

Introduced in 1994, Bud Ice gained popularity due to its high alcohol-to-dollar ratio. This was my go-to beverage during my Dazed and Confused era. I would spend $6 for a 12-pack and get the same results if I drank a fifth of whiskey today with a few left over. Recently Anheuser Busch launched Bud Light Platinum, but we all know that this is the left-over recycled barrels of Bud Ice.

I think Bud Ice ultimately scared people away with their alcoholic penguin ad campaigns. Commercial’s would show people locking up their Bud Ice, driving erratically, escaping on trains or barricading their doors to fend-off this psychotic malt-beverage crazed penguin. I wish a penguin would.

Fun Fact: The process of “icing” beer involves lowering the temperature of a batch of beer until ice crystals form. Similar to cooking meth. Since alcohol has a much lower freezing point than water (-173.2 degrees) and doesn’t form crystals, when the ice is filtered off, the alcohol concentration increases. The process is know as “fractional freezing” and the result is white girl wasted!

Greg Hunter

Greg Hunter

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