Burger King Prank Calls: Got Any TP?

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Ever wonder what it’s like to work at Burger King? Me too. For three years my work phone number was mistaken for a west side Chicago Burger King and it was awesome. Most people would have been annoyed by the random phone calls but not this guy. I embraced it.

You are probably asking yourself, “who would call a Burger King?” The majority of them were prospective employees checking on their application. Occasionally I would get Crank Yankers gold and put on the crown.

Since all calls were inbound and I had the upper-hand, I always knew if it was a call for Burger King because I did most of my business out-of-state. Whenever I saw a Chicago area code I would answer the phone “Burger King.” I would then right-click my mouse to record the awesomeness to come.

I have a library of these Burger King Prank Calls (which I will be dropping on our Youtube channel so make sure to subscribe) and wanted to kick this series off with one of my favorites. Here’s the scenario: after crushing the Burger King 2 for $5 Chicken sandwich and Whopper deal you start to get bubble guts. You rush to the bathroom and unleash the fury only to find out there’s no TP!

So what do you do? First off, you always check for TP or any substitute before dropping a Whopper, especially at a west side Burger King! Do you lose the boxers? Maybe sacrifice a sock? Google Burger King and ask for assistance? Well our unfortunate caller chose door number three when he was dropping a number two and I was there to answer the call. Enjoy.



Greg Hunter

Greg Hunter

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