Carmelo Anthony Bulls Jersey Fail!

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carmelo anthony bulls jerseyYour eyes are not deceiving you, that is a Carmelo Anthony Bulls jersey. I’ll give you a minute to regain your composure and collect yourself.

Better now. Good.

I love all things jerseys, I love the NBA, and I love the Chicago Bulls. This Carmelo Anthony Bulls jersey makes me wanna barf like my favorite team just signed Vernon Wells and Erick Dampier to max contracts. There are so many things wrong with this jersey and fan.

This clearly delusional fan actually wants Carmelo Anthony on the Bulls. To this guy signing Carmelo Anthony is like wearing True Religion jeans with a studded Ed Hardy tee with two popped collars on top and sunglasses on the back of the head awesome. He sees a flashy player like Carmelo and is bout it bout it. This form of douchery makes us all look bad as humans. I get it, the Bulls need someone else to go with Derrick Rose when he comes back and sometimes the Bulls struggle to score (not right now though, they are stroking) so bring in someone who can score with relative ease. The problem with that is Carmelo Anthony makes no one better and that’s the opposite of how the Bulls play basketball. Any Bulls fan knows that Joakim Noah is the heart and soul of this team and is everything you could want in an NBA player. He’s selfless, is the best passing center, and he does whatever it takes to help the team win. How many of those things can you say about Carmelo Anthony’s game?

End rant.

This guy is one of those Miami Heat fans that left Game 6 early. He is the Knicks defense of fans. No doubt he takes Gronk early in his fantasy football draft too.

Despite wearing a Carmelo Anthony Bulls jersey he had the wits about him to turn his jersey around Kris Kross style so that everyone could see the name on the back of the jersey. How very hoopster of him. His mission of getting attention from a Carmelo Anthony Bulls jersey worked.

Now excuse me while I go and look for a Jimmer Fredette Bulls jersey.

I want to hear your thoughts about this jersey and fan. Holla in the comments. Also, as a movie title, rate your thoughts on this jersey.


Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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