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retro-hall-of-fameLast week we asked for nominations for our first ever Bacon Sports Retro Hall of Fame and you guys came back with some gems. We’ve taken the list and chopped it up so that we don’t have any Brad Radke or Aaron Sele nominations (yes, they were both nominated for the baseball Hall of Fame and received votes). We pride ourselves on digging all things sports nostalgia and have higher standards than Derek Jeter does for laying pipe. To try and add some order to the chaos that was the nominations we’ve compiled them into categories. This will allow us to better evaluate each of them and get a better feel for who truly deserves to be in a class of their own with the best of the best. Note: we didn’t include any shoes as that could be an entire Hall of Fame on its own. 

Here’s how this will work. You have the ability to cast up to five votes. You must select at least one from each of the categories below (the last category is optional) and then you get one extra vote that you can award to whoever you want. To cast your votes put it in the comments, Tweet us, or hit us up on Facebook.

Remember, we’ll be giving out sweet Bacon Sports koozies to the people who’s nominations make the Hall of Fame. If you’d like to make your case for your nominee then put together a few sentences/an argument, send it to us (, and we’ll post it below. Also, make sure to pass this on to your friends and have them vote for your nominee to help increase your chances. If they grew up in the 80’s then I’m sure they’ll love it.

Video Games (pick one)

Apparel (pick one)

Baseball Cards (pick one)

Random fun stuff (pick one)

Misc/Random (optional pick one)

Special shout out to John Upton for the funniest nomination that didn’t make the cut. Christian Laettner’s Mom’s Neckbrace. I’d never seen that before but definitely laughed when it was sent over.

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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