161: Cavs Fan Euphoria, LeBron Delivers NBA Championship

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cavs fan nba title

cavs fan nba title

Following the greatest moment in his Cleveland sports fan life, Cavs fan Tom Hamm joins Rob Cressy on the Bacon Sports Podcast to talk about Game 7, his emotions, LeBron James, the Cavs winning the NBA title, and what it was like in Cleveland during the celebration.

The Cavs topics they talk about include:

  • The greatness of LeBron James.
  • Kyrie Irving stepping up huge and taking his game to the next level.
  • Key contributions by Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson in Game 7.
  • Tom’s emotions going into Game 7 vs the Warriors.
  • Tom’s emotions during Game 7, including the 4th quarter and the final seconds.
  • Tom’s emotions after LeBron James missed the first free throw with less than 15 second left.
  • What the celebration in Cleveland was like following the Cavaliers victory.
  • The morning after: what it’s like now that Cleveland has their first championship in over 50 years.

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Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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