Cedric Ceballos Rapping is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

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cedric-ceballos-rapping-dunkCedric Ceballos rapping. I like that combination, as I would any athlete + rapper combo. The entertainment factor, good or bad, is usually off the charts.

Cedric Ceballos was a dope baller. He won a slam dunk contest, his jersey, regardless of team, is sought after by hoopsters, and you can now add badass rapper to the list. I’m not talking in a Steve Francis or Rashad McCants kind of way. I’m talking about having genuine flow. Like, he’s impressively good.

That video is an explosion of awesomeness.

Did you see what I saw? That was Warren G rocking the Duke #44 jersey. Do you know who wore #44 for Duke? Cherokee Parks. Up until this point in life I’ve never seen another person other than Cherokee Parks and myself rock a Cherokee Parks jersey. I feel honored to know that I can now include Warren G in my Cherokee Parks hoopster family.

I want to hear from you. What did you think of this Cedric Ceballos rap video? Did you dig his flow? What did you think about the video itself? How about the people kicking it at the party? There’s so much comedy in here. Put your thoughts in the comments.

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